Webroot Secure Installation on Mac

Webroot installation on Mac

Mac users are familiar with the term that Mac system are very rarely get infected. It is a wrong assumption now a days Mac system are also under threat. Webroot have been doing lot of R&D and basis on the ongoing viruses Webroot.com/safe come with new versions or features. Webroot secure anywhere is doing marvelous job for designing best software with sophisticated user interface. The mac version Webroot is tremendously light package and easy to install.

  • For installation on Mac visit webroot.com/safe on safari browser and Download Webroot Installer.
  • Go to Safari download section and double click “Webroot Install” file and drag it to the Application folder.
  • On Up activation wizard put the activation key & click on submit to get it activated.
  • Mac always need authentication while making changes to the system hence it is required to put the system password and then click ok and wait till it completed.
  • Once after installation, update and scan with Webroot & reboot the system.

During installation for any assistant visit webroot.com/secureinstall or call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX

If the installation fails then

  • Reboot the system
  • Check the Version of Mac & check if it can be upgraded to newer version, In order to check if it is eligible for upper version, go to app store.
  • Run Malware scan
  • Try reinstalling

Still you any assistant, kindly visit webroot.com/safe or contact at XXX-XXX-XXXX